Mobile Optimised

Systems are optimised for access from tablets and mobile phones for access on the go.


We provide web-based custom software solutions.

Test Driven Development

We use Test Driven Development to stay ahead of bugs at all stages from launch through the lifetime of a project.

Software to meet your needs

Software solutions for smaller businesses

Small and Medium size businesses can find it hard to create user-friendly software systems which can meet their unique needs. There is so much software available, but most of this requires that work practices are changed to meet the needs of the software and not vice-versa. Here at Head Squared we pride ourselves in changing our software to meet your needs, not changing your needs to meet our software!


Offer! - Free estimate for system development

We can meet with you to discuss your systems needs and give you an estimate of development costs1. We will give you a detailed proposal to allow you to make the best decision for your software development project.

1 Terms apply. Please see Free Consultancy session for full details.

Free consultancy

Web-Based Systems

A web-based database system provided by Head Squared Software can be a great tool for helping users work more quickly and on the go if needed. Just a few of the benefits of this type of system over local systems, spreadsheets, etc. are set out below:

  • ensure data integrity is maintained (relationships and data in spreadsheets can quickly become confused and/or corrupted)
  • enable better sharing of data within your organisation and with other organisations
  • limit access to approved persons only
  • define scope of access for each approved person (so different users will see a different version of the app dependent on their access level)
  • enable access from many types of device which have a browser (including mobile phones and tablets)
  • allow file / image uploads
  • keep detailed audit trails of which user changed what and when


Our Clients

These are some of our clients who have worked with us

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Security as standard

Each user has their own login details and access levels. Access is restricted only to the correct user and audit trails log changes to know who has made what changes and when.

Mobile Access

Users can access your system from home, the office or out and about. Sites are optimised for the small screen to allow access from mobile phones, tablets and the like.

Testing built in

Our software can test itself every time a change is made, to ensure that bugs are minimised during the initial development and during the lifetime of the system.

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